RAD Exams

The Royal Academy of Dance emphasises the importance of every student having an achievable goal.

This is measured either by an Examination or Presentation Class, which involves the study of either the Graded or Vocational Syllabus.

The main purpose of entering students into RAD Graded Examinations is to provide a fun way for students to attain personal goals.

They also enable students to work towards a goal through their weekly ballet classes receiving recognition from the world’s largest classical ballet examining body.

Examinations and Presentations are held once a year in late July/early August (end of Term 2/beginning of Term 3).

Why 2 Classes a week when doing exams?

Ballet is no more competitive than any other activity or discipline and Classical technique requires continual training over many years. The RAD examinations are simply setting goals for the students to work towards and offer a challenge and a strong sense of achievement.

Students Grades 1 – 7 attend two lessons a week and with regular and consistent attendance will give the students confidence in their abilities and will ensure they are provided with the best chance for the exam to be an uplifting and pleasurable experience.

Vocational and Grade 8 Award students will need to attend three lessons a week to adequately learn the large volume of work and reach the high standard required as this is a professional exam.

What is the difference between an Examination and a Presentation?


Presentation Day is for all Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet and Grade students who are either new to dance of attend one class per week.

Presentations differ from exams in that they are conducted by the teacher and the students are not graded or marked as with examinations. Students perform their work to a qualified dance professional on the day as an 'invited guest', showing the progress they have made to reach this standard. Students are awarded with a certificate of participation which includes feedback.

Leading up to presentations, students are required to attend one extra rehearsal class per week 4 weeks prior to Presentation Day.

Students undertaking RAD Exams or Presentations are to attend the following

Pianist Day - Grades 1-8 in Term 2. To familiarize with dancing with a live musician.

Rehearsal Day - Grades 1-8 Term 3 (usually the Sunday prior to exam day).

Extra Rehearsals  - Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet - 4 weeks leading up to Presentation Day.

Holiday Rehearsal - Grades 1-8. A ‘mock exam’ in the second week of the school holidays.

RAD Winter Workshop - Grades 1-8 (Optional). A one week intensive at Victorian College of the Arts consisting of a ballet class each day. Classes are conducted by the RAD examiners.

RAD Spring School - Vocational students (Compulsory). A one week intensive consisting of a ballet class each day. Classes are conducted by the RAD examiners.

Private Coaching - Recommended for students to attend to fine tune technique, performance and confidence.